‘Situation is catastrophic’ as Saudi tightens blockade on Yemen

Saudi Arabia has tightened its land, air and sea blockade on Yemen in response to a missile attack by Houthi rebels earlier this week.

A conflict that began in 2015 between the Iran-backed Houthis, who are now based in the capital Sanaa, and supporters of President Abdrabbuh Manur Hadi, who has been backed by a Saudi-led coalition and is now based in Aden, has devastated the country and caused a major humanitarian crisis.

The tightened blockade has further raised the already inflated prices of vital commodities and stopped the delivery of much needed humanitarian aid.

As the United Nations warns of catastrophic conditions nationwide, residents in the capital Sanaa are becoming increasingly outraged as their suffering grows.

Al Jazeera's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

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