“I’m Pirando” | El Kimberley Proyect Ep. 3

Kimmy moves in with the “guirisas” in la Ciudad Vieja and she falls under the spell of some good herbs. Che… Me gusta.

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#420 #whenigothigh #drogaadicta #fumada #ElKimberleyProyect #vlogdeviaje #uruguay #montevideo #Belleza #mocumentary #yanqui #gringa #fail

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Created and Directed by - Heather Shapiro

Kimberley - Heather Shapiro
Tina - Danna Liberman
Kari - Florencia Infante
Facundo - Ricky Hornos
Mimi - Edythe R. Shapiro
Nahuel - Emiliano Castro
Taxi Driver - Vicky Bidegain

Narration written by:
Heather Shapiro
Manuel Botana

Director of Photography
Damián Vicente

Camera Operator
Natalia Ayala

Maximiliano Martínez

Second Unit “Kimmy’s WebCam”
Assistant Director
Amanda Hinkely

Camera and sound
Preston Lane Jeter

Second Unit “Mimi’s WebCam”
Camera and Sound
Robert Shapiro

Assistant Directors
Lucho Viera
Santiago Turell

Production Manager
Pedro Barcia

Production Design
Agustín Marquez Rossi

Production Design Assistants
Pamela Allala
Rocio Pirerrer

Costume design
Ricardo Hornos

Heather Shapiro
Florencia Papa

Re-recording mixer
Edgardo Fernandez

Color Correction
Connor Pollard

Graphic Design
Nico Barcia
Aude Li Sing

Spanish translation and subtitles
Florencia Papa

English translation and subtitles
Maria Angelica Gil

“Caravan Jam”
Dan Sistos

Legal Assistance
Agustina Modernell

UN3 Producers
Marian Rodriguez
Ariana Saiegh
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