10 Airline Pilots You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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Although they’re responsible for guiding giant metal machines full of people through the skies, some of us tend to take pilots for granted. We rarely hear from them during the flight, and usually only see them once we’ve safely landed. But in case of an emergency, you want to know that you have someone incredible in charge of the plane you’re on. Like Eric Moody who not only navigated a plane through a cloud of volcanic ash, he remained perhaps too calm during the ordeal. Alastair Atchison is one co-pilot who more than stepped up when his captain became. . . let’s just say unavailable. One of the most infamous pilots of recent years is Chesley Sullenberger who navigated a plane safely into the Hudson River when it became incapacitated. In addition to flying planes, a couple of pilots invented a solar powered plane that may someday reduce our dependence on fuel. Thokozile Muwamba is the first female pilot in Zambia, and believes that men and women should work together when it comes to flying through the skies. Maria Pettersson is better known for her activities after she lands, as her Instagram has over 200,000 followers who love watching her do yoga in exotic locations. Santiago Borja Lopez prefers to practice his art inside the plane, and you won’t believe the incredible photographs he takes while in the air. Lue Morton took a video of himself inside the plane, just moments before leaping out of it!

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