10 Amazing Creatures That Can Become Invisible!

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top 10 most amazing animals hidden in the wild
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When we think of super powers, we tend to think about quick costume changes in phone booths, web slinging shenanigans, or signal lights amongst the clouds, high above the bustling city below. However, not all super powers come with flashy gadgets and billowing capes. Sometimes even a radioactive spider is unnecessary, it is just nature. The world’s original super hero; Mother Earth. She and her minions have created quite a little niche in the ‘incredible’ category. At times, it is almost unbelievable, as if it belongs in a comic book world. Not everything needs to be magic or alien to be awesome though, sometimes the creatures that inhabit this planet just have to do what they do best. Those astoning skills that just come naturally, because that is how nature and evolution designed them.

In this video, we will take a look at ten animals with amazing camouflage super powers. These creatures have adapted so completely to their environments that they are practically invisible. Think of the chameleon; the master of disguise. They can change color to match their surroundings, but they are also slow moving, so they do not draw attention to themselves. Then there is the mimic octopus. They are basically the chameleons of the sea. However, they can also contort their malleable bodies to mimic other fish. Pretty nifty, don’t you think? That particular super power could come in very handy when you are late to work on a Monday morning and the boss comes looking for you. From lizards, to birds, to snakes and creatures of the deep, these remarkable animals could put most hunting camouflage to shame.

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