10 Athletes Who Celebrated Too Early

Famous athletes who totally failed
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Welcome back The Richest fans! If we haven’t said it already, happy New Year! Participating in professional sports is a hard life to take. You have to train regularly, limit your social life, constantly handle pressure, and many more problems. So, if you’re about to win at your chosen event, you’re bound to feel a lot of joy as your hard work pays off. However, if you do it too early, it could have horrendous consequences. Which, funnily enough, is the topic of today’s video! We’re going to examine some of the times when athletes have celebrated too early.

Thanks to people video recording at events and uploading said content to the internet, we’ve collected a smorgasbord of entries for you. In team sports, American Football player, Kaelin Clay, will pop up for a howler. England and Bath Rugby player, Freddie Burns, will also show his embarrassed face. Soccer/footballer Wanderson Farias gets lip-locked during his match. We also have Croatian basketball team Cibona Zagreb making an appearance. For the solo eventers, we have Moto X Race participant, Meghan Rutledge, skidding into the video. Riccardo Russo, the motorcycle racer, will also be driving his way into an entry. Adam Ťoupalík, the cycling racer, will also be arriving. Horse racing jockey, Roger Loughran, might gallop in as well. We also have many more outstanding athletes, that unfortunately, made a mistake at a vital point. So, join us today and see just what happened!

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