10 Cars Douchebags Love To Drive

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top 10 popular cars douchy people always drive

Cars and trucks mean something different to everyone. For many of us, our car expresses our personality and individuality. It’s something to be modified, waxed weekly and filled with all sorts of cheap interior accessories bought at your local auto parts store. For others, that beige Corolla is just fine because a car is simply a mode of transportation where function trumps form. In all seriousness, there are countless varieties of vehicles on the road today. You yourself may have a few different kinds of vehicles or owned several different cars over your lifetime. From trucks to sports cars to mini-vans, each vehicle is designed for a specific function and targeted by a specific part of the population to fill a need.
Yet, sometimes it’s the driver that defines the car. What’s that? Well, in this instance we’re talking about drivers who are so reckless, obnoxious or annoying that over the years they have given their car a bad reputation. We call them douchebags. Look around the internet and you’ll find a ton of auto forums where owners often discuss what cars are driven by douchebags. Interestingly, after looking through just a few you’ll find the same cars getting mentioned over and over again. While these cars are mostly really nice and well-built automobiles, their name has been tarnished by an army of drivers who have turned the rest of us against them.

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