10 Confessions Of Korean Pop Stars!


top 10 realities of being a KPOP superstar
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Being a pop star seems like it would be incredibly exciting. You’d get to rake in tons of money while being surrounded by adoring fans and experience the best of life’s luxuries. That is, unless you’re a Kpop star. Korean pop singers are known for their catchy tunes, awesome dance moves, and flawless appearances. But there is a lot going on behind the scenes that would shock you. A 2009 lawsuit by TVXQ, also known as DBSK opened the floodgates regarding some of the heinous things Kpop stars are subjected to by their agencies. If you enjoy getting a good eight hours of shut eye a night, then Kpop stardom is definitely not for you. As a star, you’re expected to spend almost a decade doing intense training. While this is great for your dance moves, it’s not so great when it comes to being able to navigate everyday life. This leaves many Kpop stars wondering “what now?” when their careers come to an end. And they end much sooner than you might think. And forget the idea of retiring with a pile of money. You’ll be surprised that most Kpop stars probably don’t earn much more than you do. A scandal may enhance a celebrity’s career in the west, but as Girls’ Generation learned, it doesn’t take much to completely derail your singing career. From plastic surgery to being forced to live with your bandmates, your agency has more control over your life than you do!

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