10 Craziest Prison Escapes Stories In History

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These are the craziest and most unbelievable prison escapes stories in history that you wouldn't believe were possible until now.

Nobody wants to spend their life rotting away in prison. There's a very easy way to ensure that this won't happen to you: don't commit crimes. But there seem to be some people out there who can't help themselves. So, if you can't stop yourself from getting caught committing crimes, the only way to ensure that you're not locked away forever is to break out of prison.

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Back to these prison escapes. While maximum-security prison breakouts are rare, this video will show you that it is in fact possible to dupe even the sharpest of guards. A dozen inmates at the Walker County Jail in Alabama used peanut butter to trick their way out of their cells. While you might be thinking that that's impossible, the way that they executed their plan was almost juvenile. Then there were two Chicago convicts who rappelled down the side of their prison building with a rope that they fashioned out of stockpiled bed sheets and dental floss. Yup, you read that right: dental floss. But perhaps one of the most perplexing prison breaks ever was that of Redoine Faid in the summer of 2018. Armed men used smoke distractions and power tools to break into his prison, and they ushered him out via a hijacked helicopter. If you're wondering why Redoine's escape sounds like something from out of a movie, it's because his life of crime is fully inspired by Hollywood movies. He's even said that if we want to diminish crime by 50 percent, we'd need to stop making movies about crime. Criminals have used all sorts of different techniques to escape from prison, and while some of them have succeeded, they don't usually last out in the world very long. All of the prisoners that we've just mentioned were recaptured soon after their escape. It seems that staying undetected after escaping is a lot harder than the escaping itself.

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