10 Crazy Things Kim Jong-Un Owns To Protect Himself

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Kim Jong-Un, North Korea's Supreme Leader owns a couple of crazy expensing things to protect himself and according to the most devout of people in North Korea, Kim Jong-un is one amazing dude. He’s a four-star general who managed to become the Supreme Leader of the country while still only in his 20s. The national media refers to him as a leader who came from heaven, since his precise birthdate is unknown.

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He’s the country’s ultimate hipster with a preference for girl groups and action movies. But to others, Kim is a ruthless dictator holding court over what is likely the most struggling communist country in the world. While millions of his own citizens are hungry, Kim, who succeeded his equally infamous father Kim Jong-il in 2011, has pushed for a nuclear weapons arsenal that’s now powerful enough to oppose much of North Korea’s adversaries.

Besides plotting, scheming, and getting members of the military to do his work, the Supreme Leader has several measures in place to guarantee his safety, whether at home in his presidential palace or embarking on political goodwill missions, which he very seldom does.

Some of those measures make sense, like a bulletproof car and a train packed with enough armor to deter even the most stubborn of explosives and projectiles. Others are so crazy that security experts around the world shake their heads in bewilderment.

But for some reason, they work and probably played a part in stopping the attempt in 2017. We’ll look at some of the more absurd ways one of the world’s most ruthless leaders is ensuring he’ll be in charge for a while yet.

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