10 Creatures That Can Crawl Into Bodies

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We share this planet with a lot of different animals, insects and other creatures. In fact, we bet there’s still quite a few species left to be discovered. Now, on the topic of sharing, these following creatures are of special interest because they can develop rather “special” relationships with humans. You see, in addition to sharing the planet, these following creatures have been known to share our bodies by crawling inside every now and then. It sounds gross, but’s just the way nature works sometimes.

We’ll start off with flies. These everyday pests can be found pretty much everywhere, including the ears of unsuspecting people. Spiders aren’t known for living inside people but we’ll show you one story that proves it can happen. In South America, we’ll look at a small fish which has a bit of reputation for going up inside the urethra of unsuspecting fishermen and swimmers. Speaking of water, we bet you didn’t know there’s even been a case of an eel going right up inside someone. Parasites are gross but we can’t ignore them. One fly bite can produce a worm that actually lives in and around your eyes. It’s gross but true. Then there’s the botfly. The fly itself doesn’t crawl inside you but its larva crawls under your skin in order to develop into a fly. No one likes cockroaches and for the most part these guys like to keep to themselves. Yet, there is evidence that these crawly critters can end up inside a human. Fleas are known pests but one particular type, the jigger, can crawl into your feet and spread a parasitic infection. If you’ve ever had a leech stuck to you, then you know it’s relatively harmless but gross. Well, in some parts of the world leaches go into people’s orifices to find their blood meals. Finally, we’ll end off with ticks. Because they jam their entire head right into you, we think the tick qualifies for this video. Disturbingly, there are even cases of ticks going a bit further inside and we’ll show you what we mean.

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