10 CREEPY Houses You’d SERIOUSLY Regret Buying

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10 Haunted houses that you wouldn't want to live in.
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Buying a house is a major milestone in anyone’s life. While we tend to not think about it, we often don’t ask whether or not a house is haunted or if there was a tragic event that took place. Yet, having someone move into a new home, especially if it’s aged and been around for a while, it could be the catalyst for a haunting to come out. Or, if the previous owners weren’t ready to say goodbye to their home, a new homeowner might experience some tension from the spiritual world. But if you’re someone who is of the skeptical nature, then you might think that these stories of hauntings and creepiness are all from the imagination. In some cases, yes. There are certainly people who might look too far into things and come up with incorrect conclusions. Yet, there are some situations where it is very much real.

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