10 Dirty SECRETS Hollywood Doesn't Want You To Know

Famous People Spotted & Caught On Camera

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Hollywood – it’s that magical place where stars are made, movies produced and our imaginations run wild. For most of us, the closest we ever come to this fantasy world is either on the big-screen or through the tabloid news. Yet, for its awards, big names and high-profile marriages, Hollywood has a rather darker side to it. Yes, under the glitz and glamor are some rather interesting secrets that the people of La La Land would like us to avoid. Thanks to the recent scandal that has blown wide-open, the secrets are flowing and Hollywood’s “other” side is becoming more and more visible every day. Take a look at some of the secrets we’ve collected and see just how surprised you are. From phony awards to scripted reality shows to fake reviews, you may never look at Hollywood the same way again.

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