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For many of us, our pets are nothing more than our faithful companions and we don’t ask for too much from them. It’d be nice if they’d go to the restroom outdoors instead of in the house, and avoid destroying our possessions, but other than that we just want their friendship. But for many people all over the world, they must worry about being attacked by various wild animals such as lions, boars, and more! For these people, having a brave, loyal, and protective dog is a necessity. In this video we’ll introduce you to ten dogs you’d want to have in your corner if you ever find yourself under attack. One obvious choice is the Rhodesian Ridgeback who was bred to take down lions in South Africa. If you’re looking for some of the strongest dogs around, the Boerboel, and Dogo Argentino definitely fit the bill. One glance at their muscular physiques would be enough to make most people think twice about doing anything untoward. When it comes to protection, sometimes size does matter, and it doesn’t hurt to have a huge Bullmastiff or St. Bernard by your side. On the other hand, Basenjis may be small and difficult to train, but they’re positively tenacious when they get a whiff of a creature they view as prey. We’ll also share some information about some lesser known dog breeds including the Gull Dong from Pakistan and the Tosa Inu from Japan. Not only is it possible that you haven’t heard of these dogs, but you may not even be able to own one at all depending on where you live.

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