10 Failed Products That Were Complete Embarrassments To Big Companies

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These 10 failed products should not have ever existed or brought to the public so soon but they somehow made it past the checklist. Although, One of the hardest things for businesses to do is to introduce a new product to the market.

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Consumer testing, market studies, focus groups, and other research are some of the ways to ensure a product’s success in the market. But sometimes that’s still not enough to ensure success. Financial wizards normally peg a product’s chance of success at surviving in a fickle market at about 20 percent.

And usually, the reason a product fails has little to do with the product itself. But there are occasions when the goods are to blame for the downfall, simply because they might not meet any demand that exists out there, they might contain a design flaw, they could be too expensive, or perhaps it was simply a dumb idea in the first place. Most of these products range from the sublime to the ridiculous. A few of them didn’t cut the market mustard simply because they didn’t look good. A few of them were too outrageous for consumers to wrap their heads around, while others were far too dangerous to stay on the market for very long.

The hard part wasn’t exactly in the search for enough products to make this list. It could have easily contained as many as 100 items, although there was some overlap with reasons why they never should have entered the market. So instead, we thought we’d try to cover as many industries as possible. Some of these products were simply funny and unusual in retrospect, but we have to wonder what was on the minds of the companies that launched these outrageous and weird items in the first place.

Still, we can’t help but feel that while a few of these might be amusing to you, we wonder how those failures affected the people who made and marketed them. And if any of them are still on the job, what will they unleash on us next?

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