10 Famous People Who Hustled From Poor To Rich

Most, if not all, celebrities have had to work hard to achieve their dreams. Whether that's attending audition after audition, spending hours singing in the shower to perfect a song, or working out for hours in the gym to keep their body in top shape, these people have dedicated their lives to getting to the top.

But you might have assumed that this was only possible with the love and support of a rich family. There's a chance that, if you come from a poorer background, you've convinced yourself that you'll never reach this level of fame because of a less fortunate background. But today, we're here with some positive news: it's more than possible to escape a poor background and still go on to become an internationally recognized superstar. And these 10 celebrities are proof of just that. Because if there's a group of people who've overcome some huge difficulties and have still come out on top, it's these ones.

Escaping things like extreme poverty, childhood troubles, and mental and physical problems, these celebrities have used their determination to succeed once and for all. Nowadays, all of these people can sit back in their luxury houses, eating expensive foods, and driving sleek vehicles. They've got the funds to change their family and friends' lives for good, even though they might not have thought it was ever possible.

One celebrity on our list was so poor as a child that she used to wear potato sacks for clothes. Now, she's one of the richest women in the world and is one of our favorite household names. She's certainly an inspiration to all of us. So no matter what's holding you back in life, watch this video and you'll find yourself motivated to go out there and achieve all of your dreams!

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