10 Horrible Ideas That Made People MILLIONS

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Part of the American Dream is the ability to make a living doing whatever you want. Often, ordinary men and women invent new creations. They create prototypes, invest money, and apply for patents. While many of these ideas are incredible, they usually don’t make much money. Meanwhile, some horrible ideas have earned millions of dollars. Some of our favorite toys were invented accidentally, like the Slinky. But the inventor of the Koosh ball wanted to make it easier for his son to play catch with him. Both the Chia Pet and the Snuggie were actually ideas that were stolen from other people. And a viral video helped the Edwards family earn millions from their Squatty Potty. But luckily, many fads do fade over time: like the Pet Rock and the singing fish. Yet, these horrible inventions will still forever remain pop-culture references. Every item on this list has turned theses businessmen and women into millionaires and multimillionaires.

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