10 Insane Ways El Chapo Escaped From Prison

El Chapo “Joaquin Guzman” has escaped prison through crazy ways and tricks! Even if he was caught every single time, how exactly did El Chapo manage to escape prison again and again? Would you believe that one of his tricks was to hide inside a laundry cart?

He may be behind bars now, but the quest to ensnare this elusive kingpin has lead the keepers of peace on a long and winding road.

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While he was ultimately captured… several times… there were many instances where he was able to escape the long arm of the law. And through several stints in jail, he managed to find a way to freedom, thanks to his own wily creativity and his underlings.

Here are some of the wildest escape plots hatched by El Chapo and his associates - making him one of the most famous thorns to ever pierce the side of the authorities.
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