10 Kids Born With Unbelievable Features!

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KIDS You Need To See To Believe!

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When you were a kid, things were simpler. You ran around outside without a care in the world. Played with your friends and went to school. That’s pretty much it. These following kids show that, in most cases, your childhood was pretty plain. These kids stand out because of the activities they do, the abilities they have and the conditions they live with. They’re all pretty amazing and they all actually exist!
Definitely bound to divide opinion among parents, we’ll start off showing you some kids who actually fight in MMA. Then we’ll show you how one seven-year old was performing surgery when the rest of us were playing with GI Joes and Transformers. Fascinated by people’s eye colors? Then check out a medical condition that leaves children’s eyes almost totally black. We’ll make our way over to Chicago to tell you about a boy who enjoys an incredible active life despite being born with no arms. Out on the track, we’ll introduce you to a four-year old who decided mastering a bike was too easy – and jumped straight into motocross. One kid who can’t get into such sports is Zoe Lush. The Californian stands out because her body is said to be as fragile as glass. We love giants and tall people here at TheRichest, so you’ll understand why we included a story about a “little” boy who towers over his classmates. Unimpressed? Well, maybe we can change your mind with the story about a pilot – who is only five-years old! Tiyo Satrio may not fly planes but we definitely had to look twice to believe what we were seeing. That’s because he has no limbs but takes on life like any other kid. Finally, we’ll show you a toddler named Ellie who skipped learning how to walk and went right to climbing rock walls. Incredible!

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