10 Odd Things Hotel Maids Have Found In Rooms

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top 10 things hotel maids found in rooms left by the guests
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If you find yourself traveling often, you may find that most hotel rooms look more or less the same. However, to the hotel staff, they have to wonder if each and every visitor will be the one to leave behind something truly baffling in their room upon checkout. In this video, we’ll tell you about ten of the strangest things found in hotel rooms. And you’ll learn some things about your fellow humans that you may have preferred not to. Including the fact that so many of them can’t tell the difference between a safe and a microwave. Which would explain the food found in so many safes! You may have asked the hotel staff to lend you a hand at one point, but it turns out that other people have left behind their prosthetic hands, among other prosthetic parts, including false teeth! It makes you wonder how they made it out of the hotel without noticing. Whereas for the people that snuck cats or a horse into their hotel rooms, we just want to know how on Earth they managed to make it past the front desk discretely! Finding kitchen utensils is pretty odd, but one guest took it too far when he ruined part of the bathroom while trying to use his wok in a way definitely not suggested by the manufacturer. Books also seem like a common thing to be left behind, but the top book that people leave and their logic for leaving it may surprise you.

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