10 People Who Were Caught Distracted On The Job | Part 2

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top 10 funny pictures of people distracted while working
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Getting caught slacking on the job is never fun, and that’s something that all the people on our list know all too well. In this video, we’ll show you ten examples of people who were caught on camera being distracted while they were supposed to be working. While we might be able to excuse away the young ball boy who couldn’t help but grin at the ample assets of Serena Williams, there are a lot of other professionals who have no excuses. Like the two separate police officers who were caught checking out girls on camera. Unfortunately for one of the officers, the girl he was ogling was UFC fighter Miesha Tate, and boy did she get her revenge in a very public manner. One reporter was distracted on a live broadcast when Erykah Badu strolled into his shot with her eyes on a very specific prize. Joanna Gosling missed her cue that the feed had switched to her because she was too busy playing on her cellphone. Reporter Natasha Exelby had perhaps the worst excuse for being distracted on-air as she appeared transfixed by one ordinary office supply. Being a woman at a UFC weigh in is all fun and games until the cameras catch you checking out the contestants, as Carly Baker and Isabella Haddad both found out. But even professional athletes such as Chris Gayle made this mistake as well. And while you were watching the Miss America Pageant, judge Mark Cuban seemed to be looking everywhere but the stage.

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