10 Photos That Can't be Unseen! Part 2

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top 10 pictures you need to look at twice
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Most of us like to think of ourselves as pretty observant. You might think there is no way that a logo you see daily could possibly have an aspect you haven’t noticed. But you might be surprised. We all know that Colonel Sanders is the face of the popular fried chicken restaurant KFC, but how many times have we seen his body in addition to his face? Is it possible we’ve seen it every time we see the logo without realizing it? Or what about Wendy, the lady of fast food? A girl has to have her secrets, but we’ve discovered at least one of them that you never noticed before. To cap off your feast properly, enjoy a nice Toblerone candy bar and don’t miss the hidden bear on the box that you’ll now notice every time you grab a Toblerone.

There are hidden details in the animal kingdom as well. Forget lion, tigers, and bears (oh my!) we have caterpillars, penguins, anteaters, and pandas. See which tiny versions of those animals are hidden on the others. It may sound like an animal, but the monkey face orchid is actually a plant and you might be able to guess where it gets its name. Arnold Schwarzenegger may have the body of a superhero, but could he have the face of one as well? And once you notice this about Hugh Laurie, you’ll see that it’s as plain as the nose on his face-both of them.

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