10 Photos That Will Instantly Make You Uncomfortable!

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DESCRIPTION : When it comes to our comfort level as a human being, we are exposed to different things throughout our lives to cope with discomfort. We learn about how life doesn’t always go the way that we expect because people might live differently than us. Of course, as we’ve learned from studying society over the past few centuries, living an alternative lifestyle or doing something different from the rest of the group can make you an outcast among your peers. But thanks to the internet, people can come together and celebrate their differences. Do you like to dip your cookies in orange juice instead of milk? There are people who do that and take pictures to share with the rest of the world. What if you like toothpaste on your hot dog? Take a picture and find your people, because they’re out there on the Internet! If you think that white toilet paper is just too mainstream, then you can find your uniqueness with black paper, even if it does make cleanliness a little complicated. Even if it makes other people feel uncomfortable, at least you’re expressing yourself, right? If you enjoy having a spider in your mouth from time to time, make the rest of the world freak out by taking a picture and posting it online.

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