10 Real Life Supervillains Who Actually Exist

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top 10 movie villains like the joker and other bad guys from superhero comics and films who exist in real life!
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For every law abiding, everyday citizen, there is someone who feels that the law is beneath them. Thankfully, most of these people only think about breaking the law and rarely act upon it. But what about those who do? In the past, we have looked at real life superheroes and their daring deeds. Those law abiding citizens that take it one step further. Those who go above and beyond to defend what is right and just in the world. The everyday Superman, if you will. However, what is a hero without a nemesis? Those sneaky, crocked, scheming, law breaking hooligans who would stop at nothing to get what they want.

In this video, we will take a look at 10 real life supervillains who actually exist. Some of these people can even rival the well-known criminals who dwell between the printed pages of Marvel and DC comic books. They are gangsters, thieves and even those with backstories more twisted than any fictional villain. It is hard to believe that such people can exist, but they do. For example, you would think that a real life Two-Face would be impossible and yet, there is a gang enforcer who literally has two faces. Then you have the man who suddenly snapped one day and created a modified bulldozer tank to level his sleepy little town in Colorado. Definitely supervillain material. While some leave nothing but destruction in their wake, others simply look like supervillains, like the Joker of Miami, Florida. Not too worry though, the rein of these conniving scoundrels have come to an end -- one way or another.

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