10 Real Sightings of Santa Claus Caught in 2019!! (100% Proof)

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Santa Claus Caught on Camera!
10 Real Sightings of Santa Claus Caught in 2019, on camera!!
With 100% Proof!! Enjoy!

Texas USA
Staring with the clip one from Texas USA, it is recorded in the surrounding of a local Walmart where Steven was out for shopping, he decided to shoot the incoming storm. Sky was packed with mesmerizing clouds ready to shower their utmost. Then in a sheer glimpse, the camera recorded a thing that traveled with a speed of lightning bolt. The reindeers could be easily seen in the camera pulling the sleigh to deliver the gifts at the doorsteps of people waiting for them on Christmas evening.

Vancouver, Canada
Second clips is from Vancouver, Canada. It’s about a scene of dusk in the grass land where the sunset is flawless depicting the ultimate beauty of nature. The flock of birds flying in a pattern and then instantly, there appears the reindeers and the Santa Sleigh in background giving a heartwarming view. It reminded that be ready! Santa is on his way!

Siargao, Philippines.
Coming towards the third clip, which is recorded from Siargao, Philippines. A beautiful view of sunset from the bank of river. The scene opens with a zoom in mode from a light house on the beach. As the camera zooms in, all way near the sun, there appears that amazing sleigh being pulled by those super amazing reindeers. This would make people excited that Santa is in the town ready to distribute the bundle of joy this Christmas.

Florida, USA,
All way from Florida, USA, a person recoded on camera the whimsical appearance of Santa on sleigh. With the darkness in background, there roared a clam and a sleigh with reindeers crossed the sigh. The man recording the scene stunned for a while but the camera captured this heartwarming panorama. This was a scene worth watching because this is going to make the natives excited about Santa in their surroundings. Merry Christmas people!

The Moon
This next clip is all about a zoom in view of moon. In a dark classic nigh with clear sky, the camera kept zooming in to see that beautiful moon and to the close vicinity of the moon, the reindeers were dragging the sleigh to reach their destination on time. Get ready to receive your gifts, its Santa time!

The International Space Station
The International Space Station also captured a view from the space. With the speed of light, there were those reindeers rushing to the Earth as its Christmas around the corner. This magical view of Santa on his way is really exciting and getting it from a scientific zone definitely supports the fact that Santa do exist!

The Pyramids, Egypt
The Pyramids, Egypt is the next destination where the nine famous reindeers pulling the sleigh were witnessed. In the mesmerizing Egyptian pyramids, the reindeers were carrying Santa for people of Egypt to give them the gifts and let them complete their Christmas joy. Here comes the Santa Egyptians with all those exciting gifts and happiness your way. You never know! If your home is the first one he comes in!

Hollywood, USA
The next place the Santa was caught by the lens of camera was Hollywood, USA. Filming that famous Hollywood hooding, the camera captured some glimpse of magic. The fairy light that sparkled and then vanished in a no time. But leaving a clue behind! Yes we saw that red outfit Santa, and we know it’s you! It’s you who came for us, for spreading happiness and love in the air this Christmas!

The Kremlin, Russia
In those epic fireworks that happened in the scene in The Kremlin, Russia. Another magic happened! With a fast forward rewind, that magic was captured by the camera. The sleigh was just crossing with the reindeers as they were almost done with delivering those gifts at the doorsteps!

Atlantic Ocean
The scene above Atlantic Ocean is the last one on list for this year where Santa was caught by the camera. In mere micro seconds, a sleigh passed and know you could imagine how fast those magical reindeers are! After all they are the Santa’s reindeers who spread happiness around the world so that speed is legit!
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