10 REAL Women Who Look Photoshopped (But AREN'T)

10 Most AMAZING women you have ever seen!
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From magazine covers to most celebrity social media posts, we are bombarded with images that have been edited beyond belief. Obviously this can create problems. First off, we get a false sense of the world around us. Second, such “touched up” images create a totally unattainable look that heaps pressure on women and young girls. It’s just not good at all. As a counter to this, we here at TheRichest have decided to present you with an array of women who make for spectacular photos. You may be inclined to think they have been edited or transformed by Photoshop – but no. What you see is what you get and each and every one of these women looks in real life like they do here. So put away the airbrushes and cropping tools and just sit back and enjoy the show.

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