10 Ridiculously Expensive Islands Hidden From The Poor

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top 10 most Luxurious private islands only rich people can afford
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The 1% of the world has so much money that they don’t even know what to do with it! So, what could be better than blowing a few million dollars on their own private island? From one of the largest undeveloped islands in the world, to an island that has 3,200 residents, these are 10 private islands only rich people can afford!

Someone wanting to enjoy a tropical climate all year long should consider making Ronde Island, Grenada their home! The undeveloped island is located just 8 miles from Grenada’s mainland and has a price tag of $100 million dollars! The money goes a long way because the island is huge, sitting at 2,000 acres! Because of its pristine and undeveloped state, it is a clean slate for any new owner willing to shell out the dough!

The Exuma Cay islands in the Bahamas give rich people many options for private island getaways! It’s even home to Big Major Cay, that was made famous for its “Pig Beach” where tourists can swim with pigs! Those wishing to own an island in the Exumas can do so for $54 million dollars. But, if it’s just a little getaway you want there are also several options! Including Over Yonder Caye where for $75,000 a night you and 12 friends can enjoy it’s pristine beaches, tennis courts, and private villas!

In 2012, Oracle Corporation CEO Larry Ellison purchased 98% of Lanai Island in Hawaii for over $300 million dollars. That means he became the owner of 87,000 acres out of the island’s 90,000 acres. In the deal he also became owner of the 2 Four Seasons-run hotels, 2 golf courses, and 2/3rds owner of the 3,200 Lanai residents’ homes. Ellison plans on spending another $500 million dollars into the infrastructure and agriculture, which has proven to be a wise investment as the island as doubled in worth at $610 million dollars!

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