10 SECRETS The UFC Doesn't Want You To Know

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Since its founding in the 1990s, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has grown considerably. The arrival of President Dana White in 2001 led to a vast expansion of the series and today it stands as a multibillion dollar enterprise. That said, the UFC didn’t get that big without some speedbumps along the way. These include some pretty juicy secrets that most people aren’t familiar with. We’ll start off with a look at fighter Brock Lesnar and the strong belief that his drug use was covered up by the UFC. Then there’s the whole shady issue with the UFC and Dana White’s money. How much is there and why won’t the UFC tell anyone the real figures? Like Lesnar, Vitor Belfort had people wondering just what was being covered up when it came to illegal substances and how much the UFC actually knew. Through all of this, Dana White has developed a bit of reputation for bullying everyone from fighters to coaches to journalists. At UFC 51, fighting legend Chuck Liddell was spotted by cameras in the crowd snorting something up his nose. Amazingly that footage was cut from the UFC’s video archives. Dana White was pretty pleased by the massive Reebok clothing deal. Yet, he avoided or downplayed just how much the deal negatively impacted the fighters. Then there’s the fact that some people accuse the UFC of being no different from the WWE when it comes to being all show and scripted entertainment. Speaking of scripted, one legendary referee came clean with his thoughts on rigged fights and they aren’t good. We’ll take a look at the very early fights in the UFC, as well. They may not be secrets but we aren’t surprised the UFC tries to distance itself from that freak-show period of its existence. Finally, there’s the issue of Dana White’s gambling and decision making when it comes to who gets to hold one of his big events. We have Joe Rogan to thank for that.

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