10 Sneaky Things Criminals Do That You Should Be Aware

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Sneaky Things Criminals Do Finally EXPOSED!

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Nobody wants to end up as the victim of a crime. We have heard safety advice parroted at us from our parents and other authority figures for as long as we can remember. By now we know not to talk to strangers, but do you know how criminals size you up when they see you walking down the street? In this video we will tell you ten sneaky things that criminals do. Being aware of how you can become a victim is the first step in ensuring your safety. You might feel safe now that you have installed a new alarm system, but you might want to think twice about advertising its installation. This gives burglars a chance to look up the schematics and see how to get past it. Home invaders will also leave warnings to themselves and other criminals letting them know how easy of a target your house is and if it’s worth the effort to break in. Picking up some debris or washing some chalk markings off your driveway can be the difference between living in safety or facing a home invasion. You may scoff at obnoxiously colored cars when you see them coming down the road, but those drivers actually have the right idea when it comes to not getting their cars stolen. Getting a huge guard dog may seem like a good idea, but professional criminals know that the real dogs you want to avoid are the small and yappy variety. In addition to making generally poor guardians, cats can also be a signal that your house is an easy target.

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