10 Stars Who Were FIRED By DISNEY (Jake Paul, PewDiePie)

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Child Disney Stars That Went Behind Bars

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Being a Disney star seems like a highway straight to success. Many of our favorite actors and musicians once got their start with Disney and it seemed to work out pretty well for them. However, not everyone has what it takes to make it with the company. We’ll tell you about ten stars who were fired by Disney. You might know Megan Mullally best as Karen from Will & Grace, but it turns out she wasn’t in a hurry to mimic the shrill voice she used for that character, and it ended up costing her a new job. He appeared in classic Disney films such as Ol’ Yeller, but Tommy Kirk was fired by Walt Disney for a reason that will sound even more atrocious in 2017 than it did when it occurred. PewDiePie started out creating his own content, but began to rely on YouTube and Disney to help out. After some controversial remarks, both companies decided that they could not longer support him, and he was on his own once more. A shocking number of Disney stars have been arrested for various reasons, and it’s usually not harmful to their careers for whatever reason. However, a DUI arrest seemed to convince Disney that Mitchel Musso wasn’t worth the risk. Another Disney star, Jake T. Austin, seemed to be spiraling out of control when he was off screen. From getting busted for DUI to throwing a temper tantrum at the Teen Choice Awards, Disney decided it was best to distance itself from this volatile star.

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