10 Surprising ARIANA GRANDE Facts You Need To Know!

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top 10 interesting facts about singer Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande is a short woman with a big voice, and there’s a lot to her that you might not know about. In a time when many singers rely on autotune in order to get their pitch just right, Ariana stands out with her incredible vocal range that has earned her comparisons to Mariah Carey. You may have been a fan of Ariana for quite some time, but Gloria Estefan actually heard her singing before she became famous, when she was just a child doing karaoke on a cruise ship. Ed Sheeran is another famous fan, who requested a copy of her hit single before it was released! It’s no surprise that she’s a huge animal lover, but this vegan does more for animals than you might be aware of. Many shelter dogs owe Ariana a debt of gratitude for helping them find their forever homes. Hollywood is notoriously rough when it comes to body image, but despite this, Ariana manages to stay body positive and believes that women need to stick together and avoid being compared to one another. She may be a superstar, but she’s also superstitious. She reports believing in ghosts, and aliens and even claims to have had an otherworldy encounter of her very own. While other five year old girls were having princess themed parties, Ariana’s horror movie themed party made some of her guests cry! Besides her beloved Halloween masks, she’s also been spotted wearing a bunny mask recently. But this is more than a cute prop, it represents her alter ego: Super Bunny.

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