10 Surprising Facts About The TRUMP Family

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top 10 interesting things you didn't know about president Donald Trump's family
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Before he became President of the United States in January 2017, Donald Trump and his family had been in the spotlight for a long time. While he has been known all that time, most people did not think of him all that much. When they did, it was likely from recalling the latest episode of ‘The Apprentice’. Well, he has not changed all that much. He is still shouting “you are fired” left, right and center when it pleases him. With Trump front and center on the world stage however, people have begun to realize that we do not actually know all that much about the Trump family. All we really know is that the man has been married three times and has five children.

In this video, we will be taking an indepth look at the First Family and discovering some surprising things we just did not know about the Trump clan. First off, did you know that Trump youngest son, Baron, is nearly 30 years younger than his big brother, Donald Jr? Talk about an age gap! What is even more surprising is that Ivanka is technically an Orthodox Jew; definitely not something that Trump advertises. How about the reason why Trump abstains from alcohol? The sad reason may shock you. Also, whether you can believe it or not, little mentioned Tiffany Trump once wanted to be a pop star and even released a single in 2014. Ready for this shocker? It costs more than $127,000 per day for Barron and his mother Melania to live in New York City! Could that have something to do with the budget cuts President Trump has been making? Who knows.

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