10 Surprising Ways Popular Movies Were Made!

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most amazing behind the scenes movie facts you need to see
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There is nothing like the magic of the movies. Since they first started being made, filmmakers have come up with some of the most creative methods to make fantasies look like reality on screen. Of course, the more knowledgeable we become on how special effects are made, we become a tad desensitized and suddenly, we can see the man behind the curtain. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, and in fact, it can make us appreciate movie making more because we become aware of how much work gets put into a movie. In the 21st century, computer generated images, better known as CGI, have taken the forefront in creating movie magic. Even in television shows with lower budgets, CGI has created some of the most convincing effects that look so real, even the viewer might question whether that’s real fire or explosions.

In this video, we’re going to be talking about some of the surprising ways popular movies were made. For example, Dan Stevens wore a CGI suit while playing the Beast. So, all of the details with his fur, clothing, and face were all computer generated. The same goes for the Marvel franchise for characters like Iron Man. You might think that’s a whole suit Robert Downey, Jr. is wearing, but it’s also created with special effects. Or even in the movie “Gravity”, all of the sound effects were created underwater so that there would be a convincing space-like sound. In “Rogue One”, Carrie Fisher couldn’t age backwards, so they created a CGI-generated young Princess Leia to fill in the gap.

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