10 Terrible Commercials That Cost Companies Millions Of Dollars

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Commercials can cost a lot of money for companies. In some cases they're good investments but in this case they definitely were not since it lost them millions and sometimes they even caused bankruptcy.

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Back to the worst commercials. For many, Gillette and their commercial about toxic masculinity was an inspiration. To others, it started a boycott that turned a swath of the male population against their faithful shaving trends. But hey, this isn’t the first time a commercial ticked people off. Join TheRichest as we take a trip through commercials’ past and see which ten really turned off entire populations of consumers.

Whether they aired during the Super Bowl or debuted during daytime soaps, these advertisements likely didn’t make the best gametime decision for their parent companies. And although they cost millions of dollars to make, many of these ads cost millions more to defend. They might have destroyed the reputations of the products they were marketing or even worse, burned their businesses to the grounds. Yep, we have tone deaf commercials for SalesGenie that offended an entire nationality. Just For Feet may not be remembered today, but an ad agency turned in a spot for them that was so damaging, they ended up suing the agency. And let’s not forget Apple, which made a serious misstep right after turning in what many experts consider to be the greatest commercial of all time.

With appearances from GoDaddy.com, Pets.com, Fiat, and Nationwide, these entries run the gamut of issues. Come for the depressing robot story from General Motors and stay for the out-of-place Martin Luther King references in the Dodge ad. There are moments that never needed to be monetized, historic events that didn’t need to be referenced by the commercial voiceovers that addressed them, and thirty second long fails that cost companies millions of dollars. Here at TheRichest, we’ll give you plenty of things to rage-spiral about.

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