10 Terrifying Military Vehicles You Should Never Mess With

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These terrifying vehicles are the fastest, the toughest, and the most powerful of their kind. With billions of dollars invested in the military around the globe, these choppers, tanks and cars are vehicles you definitely want on your side.

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They’re made to be able to cross the roughest terrain, keep soldiers safe in the harshest of conditions, and gather valuable intelligence to relay back to their command posts, using some of the most advanced technology available on the face of the planet. They do all this while being easy to operate, and to repair, as well as being durable enough to do it again and again, fight after fight.

Every year, nations around the globe spend billions of dollars on the research, development, and production of military hardware. Human beings have been engaging in warfare since as far back as we can remember, and in 2019, that adds up to a lot of collective time spent on the refinement of the process.

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