10 TERRIFYING Shark Encounters That Will Make You Fear The Ocean Forever

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Shark week 2018. 10 scary shark attacks that will make you think twice about getting into the ocean. #sharkweek
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Sharks are terrifying. There’s no question about it. Though there are larger predators on Earth, sharks attack in an environment where people feel the most exposed. The ocean’s terrifying enough without a 20-foot sharp-toothed monster swimming around. While getting attacked by a shark is bad enough, we wonder if getting “almost” attacked is worse. At least when you’re actually attacked, your fate is sealed. You’ve been bitten, and you can accept the consequences of being bitten. Plus, you have an amazing story to tell. But when you’re almost attacked, you’re left wondering what would have happened had circumstances been a tiny bit different. You can have closure after being attacked, and shark attacks are overwhelmingly survivable. But if you come a hair away from a potentially life-ending event, you’ll be left with a life-changing memory for the rest of your life, and you may never want to press your luck in the water again. “What if?” is a pretty potent phobia.

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