10 Theories About Unsolved Science Mysteries

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Science has answered so many of our questions, but there are many more still left to answer. With more answers comes even more questions, because science isn’t bent on explaining life simplistically and coherently. Science is complicated, and the complications seem ever-growing. Just when scientists think they have everything figured out, a new theory comes along to complicate the matter even more. However, what makes it so frustrating is what also makes it the best system for understanding reality. Why would anyone assume that unlocking the secrets of the universe would be easy? Look around you: it’s all crazy, and science does all it can to make sense of the crazy. But we must be patient. The burden of proof on scientific theories is the heaviest of all disciplines. A theory only becomes a law when every possible variable can be accounted for, which is why scientific questions have so many answers.

1. Gravity
2. Pyramid Void
3. Dark Matter
4. Octopus March
5. Radio Bursts
6. Origins of Life
7. Sleep
8. Tree Falling in the Forest
9. Aliens
10. The Big Bang

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