10 Things Gordon Ramsay Doesn't Want You To Know

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Any time you are a public figure, you have to know that unsavory details of your past with eventually become public at some point in your career. Gordon Ramsay talks a big game, and is quick to criticize the actions of others, but he has more than a few skeletons in his closet, and has done some things that have caused former fans to label him a hypocrite. Family drama is never fun when it happens within your own clan, but it can be fun to watch it play out for other people. In the case of Ramsay, it seems he and his father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, were locked in a battle of who could behave the worst. Between their spying and affairs, they have a lot of similarities. Hutcheson’s spying unearthed some rather interesting facts about our favorite chef. If you heard Ramsay publicly condemning the practice of hunting sharks, you may be shocked to know that he reeled one in himself, and then had it stuffed and mounted as a trophy. He also took down a sweet little puffin on live television, and claimed that was the most sporting way to acquire a meal, even if the species is protected. We know that he’s a big soccer fan, but it turns out that he may have “misremembered” some important details about his time playing for the Rangers. These scandals and secrets would be shocking for just about anyone, but especially someone who is so openly critical about the actions of others.

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