10 Things Your Body Language Says About You

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10 Ways Your Body Position REVEALS Your PERSONALITY!

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Controlling the words that come out of our mouths is generally pretty easy, at least most of the time! But without even realizing it, you could be sending off loud signals to everyone around you just with your body language. Something as simple as the way you point your feet while on the phone can let people know whether the person on the other end of the phone is telling you some good news or some bad news. Let TheRichest help you decode the body language of those around you, and help you tailor your own body to convey a confident, positive message. If you’re trying to tell if the person you are talking to is enjoying your conversation, check to see if they are mimicking your gestures, expressions, and tone of voice. Mirroring is one of the many ways in which people convey empathy and come across as sympathetic and connected with one another. Eye contact is generally a great way to show people that you are interested in them and paying attention, but too much can actually have the opposite effect and make people think that you aren’t being truthful. Careful gesticulation can help emphasize your words, but too much hand flailing can make you seem nervous, flustered, and erratic, making it significantly harder for people to pay attention to what you are saying. While hands and eyes are easy to look at, try to take a peek at someone’s feet. We typically point our feet in the direction we want to go, so if someone’s feet are pointed at you that’s a good sign they wouldn’t be averse to you approaching them.

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