10 Times People FAILED And Got OWNED

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10 Times People Got SHOWED UP!

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Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, dips and dives. After all, would we not get bored if everything constantly remained the same? However, there are times in life when we simply are not prepared for what happens next. Sometimes it is as simple as forgetting a birthday or dinner plans we made last week. Other times it is after we have travelled halfway around the world, only to realize we have forgotten the baby’s binky or our swimsuits for a beach vacation. Sometimes we bring it on ourselves, thinking we are completely prepared for something when in truth we have not done a thing to prepare.

In this video, we will take a look at 10 people who came unprepared. From those that had new responsibilities dropped on them quite unexpectedly, like those who did not realize they were pregnant, to those overenthusiastic countries, like Russia and Brazil, who bite off more than they could chew. What about the people who wear high heels to the beach or Disney World and spend the day looking like baby deer taking their first steps? Oh yes, we have them too. We also have a man that joined a Hungarian bodybuilding competition, but seems to have forgotten the ‘golden’ rule. Speaking of golden rules, if you are asked to perform the national anthem at a sporting event, you would think you would practice and make sure to memorize every single word, right? Wrong! Well, at least in this mixed up diva’s case. All that and more are waiting for you in this video!

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