10 Times Rich People Took It Too Far With Their Money

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We could all use a little extra cash to help with paying our bills, or funding that awesome vacation we would love to go on. But for some people who have the means, splurging means spending huge amounts of money on things that have much more reasonably priced counterparts. If you’ve ever tucked into a huge plate of wings at 25 cent wing night at your local pub, wait until you see what diners in Hong Kong are paying for one single wing. And once you’re suitably covered in wing sauce and need to wash off, slip into your massive copper tub that was created by the same people responsible for tending to the Statue of Liberty’s torch. We’ll show you a Badminton cabinet that is so expensive, we aren’t even sure what you would possibly want to risk storing in it. They say birds of a feather flock together, but if a bird is extinct, you won’t believe how much you’ll have to pay for a single feather. Domain names seem so common nowadays, with so many people having their own websites. But some companies are willing to pay a premium to make sure they get just the right one, which begs the question: What’s in a domain name? You might have heard a mattress described as being like you’re sleeping on clouds, but how about a bed that actually floats? This could be a dream come true, if you are able to pony up the money to pay for it.

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