10 Times Thieves Got Instant Karma

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top 10 a thief got caught trying to mess with the wrong people
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Being the victim of a robbery or property crime is a horrific feeling. It can make you feel both vulnerable and helpless, and leave you desperately wishing for revenge. While we don’t manage to catch the bad guy 100% of the time, sometimes real life revenge fantasies do come true when thieves pick the wrong person to mess with. In this video, we’ll show you ten people that the bad guys would do well to avoid for their own safety. You may think that breaking into the house of an elderly woman would be a guaranteed payday, but not if that woman is 92 year old Opal Phelps, who kicked a burglar in the face and promised an even more severe punishment if he dares to come back. Then there’s World War II veteran Arthur Lewis, who was working the counter in his jewelry store when a thief entered the building and tried to rob him. Let’s just say that the much younger thief was the one who ended up fleeing from the store in pain and terror. In general, it’s a safe bet to assume you don’t want to mess with any veterans. One bank robber made the mistake of threatening Edward Peoples’ two young sons and let’s just say that Peoples didn’t quite take kindly to that. Even when they’re not on duty, you definitely don’t want to try to pull one over on an officer of the law, even if like Mikaela Kellner, they look great in a bikini.

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