10 Towns That Sunk Under Water

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10 sunken cities you won't believe exist under water!
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There are many instances in history where water has claimed cities. Many towns have been flooded on purpose to create dams to generate electricity, like in Potosi, Venezuela. In those cases, the needs of many outweighed the needs of a few people. The affected citizens are usually relocated to new towns, which are sometimes even specifically built to accommodate them. In other cases, the sheer power of water led places to simply sink. That’s exactly what happened to a hiking trail in Brazil and also to Epecuén, Argentina. It’s incredible that these sunken cities still exist today as glimpses of towns frozen in time. In this video, you’ll see submerged examples that look like they belong in the movies, like the big statues of Thonis or the intricate structures of Lion City. You'll also be shocked to see how these underwater cities still show clear traces of what they once were.

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