10 TOYS That Were Found Inside People

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ADD YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE (250 words): Toys – when we’re kids they are one of the most important parts of our lives. When we’re adults, they can also be a pretty important part of our lives. Toys allow us to use our imaginations and bring back feelings of nostalgia – reminding us of happier times. You know, like the time you shoved that little green army man up your nose. That’s right, we’re here today not to reminisce about your childhood, but show you 10 toys that were discovered inside people.
We’ll start you off easy with a toy tire taken from a small race car. If you ever wondered what would happen if you snorted one of those up, we have the answer. Part of the fun playing Monopoly (before the inevitable family fight broke out) was moving the little playing pieces all over the board. Well, we guess one person moved one of those pieces right up their nose! Maybe you played with Barbies? We have an example of one adult who definitely played with their doll incorrectly. We’ll take a quick break from humans to show you that even our faithful furry companions are prone to swallowing the odd toy. Back in the human world, we all know SpongeBob lives under the sea. Apparently, one doctor found out he also lives in the stomach of a child. Maybe you played with magnets as a kid. Did you ever get the urge to swallow a bunch of them? Apparently a few kids out there do! When one woman went to the doctor because she had a toy in her, specialists were shocked to find a small T-Rex jammed up inside. If you think that’s bad, nothing can beat the Toy Story that involved a man who had “placed” a whole Buzz Lightyear figure inside himself. Then there’s the kid who made national news when he swallowed the squeaker from a dog toy. Every time he spoke, he squeaked. Finally we’ll end with the latest craze. Fidget spinners are everywhere and this includes inside one careless kid who needed a trip to the doctor.

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