10 Trophy Wives Who Are Richer Than YOU

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10 Photos Of The Wealthiest Trophy Wives In The World.
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When we think of trophy wives, we think of beautiful women who are married to someone not as physically appealing as they are. Usually, trophy wives are associated with money, and they are only with their spouse because of said money. Well, let’s be honest, that is usually the case. Some people are willing to do anything for money, including being in a loveless marriage. Hopefully, these people are aware of what they’re getting into. When you think about it, both spouses have a benefit. The husband has a hot wife to have as arm candy, and the wife has access to the finer things in life. There are those who will see this as unfair, as the trophy wives are just making millions for being beautiful and not really working for their paycheck. Of course, these women are actually money making geniuses making good business decisions and increasing their wealth each day!

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