10 Ways Creatures Will Evolve in 100 Years

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In the mid-19th century Charles Darwin forever changed the way we understand nature when he came out with the Theory of Evolution. This work basically demonstrated that every animal has evolved over time to meet the demands and challenges posed by the environment in which it lives. It helps to answer questions like why giraffes have long necks or why certain insects have incredible camouflage. Evolution is a generally slow process occurring over many generations. Nonetheless, certain animals we will show you in this video, are expected to go through some noticeable changes in the next 100 years.

Ahead, we’ll show you how elephants are evolving to the point where they won’t have tusks anymore. Far smaller than the elephant are the snails. Sure, some people eat them but if you have ever taken any time to look at them then you’d notice snail shells are actually changing color and becoming lighter. That’s reportedly a result of snails evolving to meet the challenges of global warming. We’ll consider the evolution of the disgusting bed bug. A nuisance in many parts of the world, these little guys are actually evolving to become resistant to pesticides. If you like bears then you’ll be interested to know that Polar bears and Grizzly bears are mating and creating a hybrid offspring to meet the challenges of a changing climate. Ever noticed how owls have fantastic camouflage? Well, as climates warm, owls with white and grey coloring are evolving to have more brown in their coats. Ever think we could one day be ruled by lizard people? Don’t laugh. The lizards are evolving and developing new features that are bringing them one step closer to world domination. Even mice are changing to meet new challenges. Once easily dealt with through pesticides, the common mouse has developed new resistant features meaning it can no longer be controlled as easily. Meanwhile, over in Russia there are wild dogs who have not only evolved into a working community but they even know how to use the subway system and beg for food in Moscow. Naturally, we have to look at ourselves because the human race will go through some changes over the next 100 years. Throw in a possible colonization of Mars and we will see some big evolutionary changes. We’ll end with spiders who are adapting new defenses which disturbingly might just be aimed at humans.

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