10 Ways Insects Will EVOLVE In 100 Years

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10 Ways Insects Will Evolve To Be Smarter Than Humans

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If those Hollywood sci-fi films are anything to go by then it won’t be long until humans are battling it out with mutated insects bent on destroying us – or at least making us their slaves. OK, so this sort of scenario won’t likely ever occur, but insects are evolving all the time. In fact, some are heading down the evolutionary path a lot quicker than others. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these 10 examples which prove insects will see some pretty incredible changes in the next 100 years.
Ahead, we’ll start off with the ever industrious bee. One variety of these busy little insects has actually shown an ability to evolve quite quickly to meet new threats to its existence. Then there’s the moth. We’re used to seeing them flying around our outside lights at night. Yet, that may be about to change in the near future. The cockroach disgusts a lot of people but these gross little guys are actually evolving quite quickly – especially when it comes to becoming resistant to poisons. Ever walked into a room or turned on a light only to see a bunch of fruit flies take-off? While flies generally operate by sight and light, research shows that some flies could actually evolve to operate in the pitch dark. Wasps are like the nasty cousins of the helpful bee. It turns out that wasps are evolving pretty quickly. Actually, this evolution is so quick that new species of wasps are reportedly springing up as they adapt to the ever-changing environment. Moths make a return to show you just how quickly they can evolve their look to meet a rapidly changing world. Ever tried to go to sleep in the summer only to be kept awake by those incessant crickets? Well, that may change as some of these little guys are evolving to be much quieter to meet a growing threat. We’ll head into the bedroom to find one of the least loved bugs – the bed bug. Like the cockroach, these pests are evolving to be resistant to certain types of pesticide which is bad news for us. Though technically not insects, we just have to look at spiders because they are reportedly getting smarter and it’s all thanks to us. Finally, we’ll stop off in the ant world and see how some ants are evolving in a way that is surprising experts. Spoiler alert: It sounds like the beginning of horror movie.

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