10 Wildest Waterslides You Can't Ride Anymore!

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top 10 incredible waterparks and slides you're not allowed to visit
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DESCRIPTION: When you were a kid, waterslides were the end all be all when it came to the coolest things ever. Wait, who are we kidding? Waterslides are still the coolest thing ever! What could be more fun than going down a slide full of water, and then landing valiantly in a swimming pool? There’s a reason why waterparks are so successful. When summer comes around we know the pools are open and we can cool off and have amazing fun at the same time! Both kids and adults alike enjoy waterslides, making them a timeless feature at any pool or waterpark. With this mind, innovators and engineers are constantly working to create a more exciting waterslide. But that comes with incredible risks.When the risk is too great, injury or worse can result, and the waterslide is subsequently closed.

In this video, you’re going to learn about ten banned waterslides you can’t ride anymore. There are waterslides like the Cannonball Loop that can break a rider’s neck thanks to its perfect circle loop. The Verrückt Slide, once known as the tallest waterslide in the world, managed to end the life a ten-year old boy. At Calypso Park, the Steam and the Bobsleigh managed to close due to not only sketchy safety regulations, but also negligence by the staff. Disney’s original waterpark, called River Country, sits dormant and abandoned today. Thunder River Rapids was a theme park ride and a waterslide that killed 4 people, and was demolished afterward. Fort Rapids water slide was closed by the police with the hotel it was attached to due to numerous hygienic regulations. Amazing how oversights and flub can affect the riders and the owners in a single accident.

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