10 Women Who Got ADDICTED To Bodybuilding

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Out of all the things that someone can be addicted to, being obsessed with becoming fit usually isn’t a bad thing. For some, like Ernestine Shepherd, it’s a lifelong addiction seeing as at the age of 80 she is still out there lifting weights. Then there is Ashwini Waskar, who risked the ire of her conservative Indian family to pursue her dream of being a bodybuilder, and refused to do so in traditional garb. Iris Kyle has the remarkable distinction of not only being the world’s best female bodybuilder, but many consider her to be the world’s best bodybuilder period, regardless of gender. One of the few people to defeat Iris in a competition is Juliette Bergmann, who was considered by many to have absolutely perfect proportions. After suffering from an eating disorder after a bad breakup, Laura Payne found solace in hitting the weights at the gym, and took her obsession with the perfect body in a whole new direction. Many female bodybuilders work at a job in addition to working on their physique. Lorna Biggam works as a firefighter, and her muscular frame dwarfs those of most of her male coworkers. Even something like pregnancy doesn’t slow down her workout routine in the slightest. Alana Clark took a momentous tragedy and used it as inspiration at the gym, surpassing far beyond what anyone would have expected someone with cerebral palsy to be capable of.

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