11 Creepy Sharks You Don't Want To Mess With (Shark Week 2019)

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Sharks are usually something you don't want to mess with but these weird shark species really stand out from the rest. As of Shark week 2019, we've still only explored a tiny 5-7% of the ocean body, meaning that there are plenty of crazy creatures swimming below us we might not be aware of until now.

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There are countless numbers of fish and other sea creatures waiting to be discovered that we can add to the collection of animals that we understand. And when it comes to sharks, the sky is the limit. There are around 440 known species of shark in the wild and each new discovery of a species constantly throws us into disbelief when we weigh up what we thought was possible.

Some of these sharks can glow in the dark, some have tails longer than the rest of their bodies, and some of them can even jump out of the ocean and seem as if they're flying.

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