12 Famous Celebrities That Came From SoundCloud

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Twelve of your favorite celebrities, and how they became famous through SoundCloud

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Not every artist is lucky enough to be walking down the street and stumble over a 7-figure recording contract. Most music celebs come from pretty humble beginnings and are forced to work their way up the ranks, getting their tunes out there for the world to see, usually on Walmart cashier-type budgets.

With 10 million music creators and 76 million monthly users, SoundCloud has become a catalyst for a ton of artists to get on their feet. Over the years, it’s almost become a gateway for up-and-coming rappers, but it’s not limited to rap and hippity-hop by any means.

So, which of our favorite music peeps started off on SoundCloud? Did Kanye? Miley Cyrus? Post Malone? Nirvana? Make sure your AirPods are charged, cause we’re about to find out.

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